About Us


Fly self drive cars mission is to always give customers more than what they expect. plan your journey with car rental in chennaich with us and the world is yours to explore. We have stupendous customer support all the time. The price range we provide you is unparalleled with any other self drive cars in chennai.

"A traveller without observation is a bird without wings, we give our wings for you to fly". it's time to rent a car in chennai whether it's errands or adventures in and around the city.

We are a young and energetic company that focusses on today’s travel needs. The ongoing pandemic situation has redefined the way we operate on a daily basis. Things have changed so much that we are now in an adaptive phase. Safety has become the core need. Travel is no exception. With the sole intent to cater to a safe travel experience, we provide low rent self-drive cars in Chennai. You have multiple options to rent a self-drive car. You could do it by the Hour, Day, Week or month. The below given are our salient features, We are rapidly expanding across India to offer services across major cities and metros. We guarantee the best travel experience, seamless processing and best customer service.

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